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Firefox Replay survey

Thank you for taking this short survey. Your responses are important for making Firefox better. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability.

Firefox Replay is an experimental DevTools feature. It lets you record the execution of your web app to capture bugs or understand the code. The self-contained recordings can be replayed, debugged, annotated with additional console logs, and even shared for collaboration.

Before answering the questions below, please watch this 2 minute video and read through the website.

1. What would you like Firefox Replay to help you with the most?
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2. Please order the following developer tools features from most useful (#1) to least useful (#5) to you. Note: for the following table each column is restricted to a single answer across all rows.
3. How often did you use browser developer tools in the past 2 weeks?
4. How often do you think you would have used Firefox Replay in the past 2 weeks?
5. How does your current toolset compare to Firefox Replay?
6. Would you recommend this to another developer?