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2019 TC39 Feature Experiment

Thank you for participating in this experiment. It will help us evaluate new features for inclusion in the ECMAScript standard. You may one day see this in the language, or you might not. But firstly:

The questions here are not intended to test you as a programmer.

We are testing the language -- if you find yourself unsure, or afraid you are making a mistake, do not worry. It will help us understand where people struggle, and in turn help us change the language so that it is better.

In order to do this, we need everyone’s help, since everyone has a different approach to programming. Your participation will help us evaluate how a new language feature might or might not work. This way we can identify issues like readability, cognitive load, and learning curve early on.

There may be code writing in this survey, so it is difficult to complete on mobile. It is recommended that you do it with access to a keyboard.